Ruled by the Sun, giver of life and strength, the Leo man is gregarious and warm-hearted. He is impossible not to notice. His powerful masculinity and commanding presence will be felt immediately, and his sense of showmanship and drama make him sexy and charismatic. He may work in the arts (especially the theater), or do some sort of creative work. He will probably head up a division of a company, if not the entire corporation. Leo men are leaders, not followers.


Leos are a bit self-absorbed and their egos are huge. Yet they are so warmhearted and loving that these faults will look trivial in the grand overview. He is jealous and possessive, especially in the courting stage, so you will need to find ways to derail his wrath if you plan to date others simultaneously. One thing that Leo doesn’t entertain, is the possibility of being Number Two. He’d rather walk.


Gaining the admiration and respect of others is the single most important aspect of the Leo personality for you to keep in mind. This is their driving force, winning out over money, fame and just about anything else. Another aspect of their nature is their love of children and their intolerance of criticism about them from others. Say something detracting about a Leo’s child and you will get a glimpse of the mighty lion’s temper. If he runs low on cash, he won’t accept a loan from you, so don’t be bewildered or get hurt feelings, if this happens. Leo prides himself in being self-sufficient.


Since Leo likes the best of everything, have some cold champagne (with a good label) on ice nearby, some lightly toasted bread and a tiny jar of imported caviar on a silver tray with your best china and crystal. Your Leo lover likes luxury. Your bedding should be new and fresh — never threadbare. Leo also appreciates flowers, but since he puts a premium on uniqueness, make them exotic or don’t bother.
Leos have a strong sense of drama and presentation, so if you go to a restaurant, choose one which is hotly reviewed, frequented by beautiful people and offers four-star quality. (This is going to be hard on your wallet, I know!) Start the evening off by complementing him on something he did recently or how great he looks. Be sure you look great too–Leo wants someone fabulous on his arm. (You’ll rarely hear a Leo scold his lady for spending too much on herself.) Don’t bring up other beaux or talk about those of your past. Your lion is ruled by the Sun and wants to be the center of your universe. He won’t tolerate competition–present, past or future!
This sign rules teaching, and no other sign can quite match Leo’s ability here. Use this talent by begging him to show you new things to do together in bed. He likes to be in charge anyway, and this will only enhance his natural inclination. When you become intimately involved with him you will find the Leo male needs a great deal of attention and adoration. An exciting and accomplished lover, he will expect you to spend a considerable time on him. Yet his loyalty, devotion and extreme generosity to you will win you over, and soon you’ll find yourself looking for ways to satisfy his every need.
Give your Sun-ruled lover a gold pocket watch or sophisticated gold lighter, since Leo rules gold. Or, since this sign rules theater, tickets to the best Broadway show in town, or to the opera. He loves to dress in black tie (he is the ultimate sophisticate), so give him a good reason to dress up.
Since music is a high priority on his list, check out which new CD titles he would most like to own, but get him Ravel’s Bolero too, if he doesn’t have it. This is perfect for Leo because of the dramatic, throbbing beat. Later that night, show him what Bolero was made for: you, after your slow flamenco-styled strip-tease tango.


A Leo woman is easy to spot. She’s the one lighting up the room in her spectacular designer outfit–Leo women love to make an entrance. Her taste is superb and unfailing. Like chic French women (France is ruled by Leo), a lioness would rather have one dazzling outfit than 20 cheap ones. She has a deep and abiding need for respect from others and will work hard to being noticed and remembered. She is naturally extravagant–don’t even try to tell her she spends too much on clothes (or on her kids either, who she loves to pamper). Yet she is warm, spontaneous and creative too, and you are sure to have fun with this vivacious lioness.


In a nutshell, your challenge will be to afford this jewel of a woman. Her taste is superb and she won’t settle for second best (which she translates as second rate). She will be demanding, so be prepared to lavish lots of attention on her instead of being preoccupied with your spreadsheets or waxing your car. If you are serious about her, bite the bullet and get some personal help. You will need to maximize your efficiency at home and the office to devote time to your lioness–at least until you win her heart.


In all probability she will be handling you, not the other way around! Leo women have a way of being in control, even if they let you think that is not the case. She’s subtle, but strong. She resists any kind of confinement, so don’t try to box her in. Throughout courtship, the Leo woman loves to tease her man, often playing cat-and-mouse games until you “catch” her. When wed, she will do anything in her power to keep things lively and fun, and will build up an entire wardrobe of imported lingerie to keep her man interested. The Leo woman loves to have her lover run his fingers through her mane. She will rarely go to bed without a touch of makeup, even if it’s just a hint of blush or scented body creme. To increase her passion, whisper to her, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world!” . . . and mean it.


This is one lady you are going to have to woo with gifts. She expects them, wants them, and enjoys them, so you might as well cave in and buy them for her. She looks stunning and regal in purple, so choose something in that color, whether it be a lace teddy, bra and panty set or drop-dead, killer nightie. She will also sparkle in gold–try getting her a classy knit sweater shot through with golden threads that shimmer in the evening light, then take her to a four star restaurant for dinner so she can wear it. Surprise her with an overnight stay at a rustic hotel with ornate wooden architecture and antique furniture. Make sure to reserve a room with a roaring fireplace. Or send her two dozen long-stemmed roses (don’t even THINK of trying to get away with one dozen), a generous box of imported bittersweet chocolates or a bottle of fine champagne for you both to drink later. Buy her tickets to the opera in New York or Rome (orchestra seats, of course.) If buying her a ring or other jewelry, know that she adores sapphires, the gem ruling her sign. Start saving now! It’s true, loving a Leo can be a second career in itself. But she’ll adore you for your generosity and will insure you both will have a hell of a lot of fun. So what if the American Express bill is gigantic? Yours will be a life fully enjoyed and a love like no other you could imagine.
Your lioness likes to play games. So, try a serious game of strip poker. Or, if you know each other very well, do a variation on the movie Indecent Proposal. Remember when Demi Moore had to decide whether to take the cool million and bed Robert Redford or stay loyal to Woody Harrelson and give up their dream house? Near the end of the film there is a scene where she and Woody make love on a bed of hundred dollar (or higher) bills. In your own private remake, you are the millionaire, but you don’t have to share her with anyone. For fun, strew her bed with lots of crisp, new crumpled dollar bills (if it’s ones, not fifties or hundreds, who cares?). Leo women have fertile imaginations and a fabulous sense of drama. She’ll adore your little make-believe and beg you to think of more!

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