The Darkish Aspect of Aquarius

The Dark Side… Dark side Aquas are cold and beady-eyed when in the presence of humanoid emotion. A friend recently told me about being scolded by an Aquarius teen, for emoting on the day of her Dad’s funeral. “Are we going to talk about that again?” she said rolling her eyes. A teenage Aquarian is a natural rebel, of course. But shadow teen Aqua is missing that empathy thing, that prevails in situations like that.

What’s unique about Aquarians – emotional distance – sets them apart, and also opens them to dark side behaviors galore.  Some of these devolve to zero compassion, narcissism or a superiority complex. Taken to its outer limits, Aquarian standoffishness turns them into a stubbornly solo unit. They act with no regard for the way it affects others. And don’t admit to needing anything from outside the bubble. This is destructive, and also, impossible, since “No man (or woman) is an island).” But they persist in that illusion, and can wreak havoc as a result.


Aquarius is known for its loner and eccentric ways. David Bowie had Aquarius Rising, and played the role of alien, as if born to it. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s really interesting. But that word alien stretches out to alienate – and that’s what shadow Aquarians do, sometimes reveling in it. Aquarians live to stand out, and sometimes in shocking ways.
  They flirt with risk and have a kinky bent, and that leads to scenarios that scandalize the friend group or community.
I’ve got this idea, perhaps not fair, that Aquarians are the most likely to get surgically implanted horns on their heads or mix pain with pleasure, to test their own limits. You could say that the alien aspect takes them away from natural laws, and their own bodies.
This is especially alluring when there are no earth sign planets in the birth chart. In our age, you can live in a technological reality of your own creation, to a point.  Some go to extremes and become cyborgs, or preach about the coming age of transhumanism.


Stella Hyde of Darkside Astrology fame has republished that popular book with a different title –  Blame Your Planet. It’s a rare astro book that’s funny, and hers will make you LOL. She rolls her eyes at Brightside astrologers that are apologists for vanishing acts like Aquarians. Brightsiders say they’re private and leave them be. She proposes they go missing, yes, but are actually often watching at a distance, as perverse voyeurs. In a bit on When Waterboys Go Wrong, she writes about two possible jobs for rogue Aquas – computer hacker or stalker. On the latter, she writes “Restraining orders mean nothing to you; as long as you’ve got a satellite link, bugs, and access to a computer network, you can make life hell for anyone: every breath they take, you’ll be watching them.”


Aquarius prides itself on being high-minded and egalitarian. And yet, as Liz Greene writes in Astrology for Lovers, the Waterbearer has a paradoxical nature that he or she doesn’t always admit to or understand. And it comes from a competing impulse for control. Greene writes, “Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centred; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is dedicated to the upholding of his position of control.” This leads to hypocrisy, at times — and not being able to walk the talk. Aquarians have control freak tendencies when it comes to ideas, since that’s their medium, being air signs. Aqua’s two rulers hint at the paradox of chaos (Uranus) and order (Saturn). I’ve got an Aquarian uncle that loves to shock with dumb blond jokes and over-the-top politically incorrect humor, mostly sent through forwarded emails.

And he’s always on a mission to convert whoever is near, to his political point of view. Even his own wife gets exasperated with it.

That’s run of the mill dark side behavior, nothing too harmful. But darker shadows exist out there, when someone justifies what he does, for a political aim or based on a warped view of reality. Stella Hyde’s Bad Company Aquarians are visionary geniuses like Thomas Paine and David Lynch, and Eva Braun who was mated with the powers-that-be’s perennial evil-doer, you all know who he is. It’s worth noting that she showed extraordinary loyalty to her beloved, and stayed with him at the dire end. Few couples have that kind of ordeal – being cornered by the enemy together in a bunker.  She defies that stereotype that Aquarians break free if life gets too real, too intimate or too anything.  Interesting case, and one that makes me update my notions about Aquarians and loyalty. A sweep of the ‘net shows that many think of Dick Cheney when the phrase evil Aquarian comes to mind How does he sleep at night, much less smirk in those official photos, seriously. ​Aquarian actors like Christian Bale and Jennifer Jason Leigh play psychopaths and the criminally insane, better than any others.      ]]>

10 Causes Pisces Are The Most Tough Folks To Perceive

The Most Difficult People To Understand   As a Pisces, I can tell you pretty confidently that we’re a pretty tough group to read. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, though — I love myself and all my fellow Piscean friends, but you have to admit, you either have no idea what’s going on in your Pisces-friend’s head, or you are the Pisces who constantly feels misunderstood. Well, I have good news! You’re not alone, and you can thank your sun sign for all that confusion. Here are 10 reasons why no one understands a Pisces, and why that is totally okay:

1. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac.

Being that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, those born under this sign have a mix of characteristics from all the eleven preceding signs. This means that Pisces are somewhat at a constant battle in choosing how to feel and that non-Pisces have an extra hard time figuring out how one feels. Pisces are pretty indecisive, even with the silliest of decisions. However, they are also very open-minded. A Pisces is the friend who always says yes, even if it means he or she has to cancel later (guilty). This battle of characteristics force Pisces to think before feeling. Yes, Pisces can be quite impulsive, but they think before they act first even if it doesn’t seem so. Being this way means they are always willing to try new things at least once.

2. Pisces are always seeking new experiences.

Pisces are constantly looking for new things, but don’t let this offend you; they are most happy when they have someone along side them, experiencing these new things as well. A Pisces would most successfully be in a relationship with someone who is just as stir crazy and up for anything. If a Pisces feels trapped, he or she will most likely revert to his or her impulsive side and jump at the first opportunity for change.

3. They are compassionate and charitable.

Did anyone else cry while watching the new GE commercial? I did. It can seem like a Pisces’ compassion even for strangers is a little over the top, especially in this world. But, it really is a good thing and it’s totally genuine. When you need someone to be compassionate with you, you’ve got it.

4. They have trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy.

Pisces are, at heart, dreamers. Jupiter and Neptune, the latter of which represents illusions, rule them. Pisces shift from goal to goal and sometimes, those goals may seem impossible. To a Pisces though, the goals are as close to reality as it gets. Silly fishes.

5. Empathy rules.

Pisces are extremely empathetic. Sometimes, they place another’s emotions over their own, and this can be chaotic because they are then left to fester in their own ignored emotions. This is also great because if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or genuine advice, a Pisces will selflessly give it.

6. They can only think straight when they’re alone.

Locking yourself in your room for an hour usually means something is wrong, right? Not necessarily for Pisces. If they are socializing 24/7, they are probably on autopilot. A Pisces needs to take time to him or herself to gather thoughts and feel productive.

7. They are inherently introverted.

This basically means that they are always trying to surround themselves with new people, but they don’t know when those people switch from new people to actual friends. A Pisces finds it difficult to be his or her full self around people to whom he or she doesn’t feel close. This can come off as fake or closed off, but in reality, it is most attributed to a Pisces’ innate curiosity about other people’s lives and stories. Excuse Pisces and their many questions.

8. They accept literally everyone.

This has gotten me, personally, in a bit of trouble. A Pisces assumes the best in all people. In fact, it was probably a Pisces who coined, “innocent until proven guilty.” A Pisces-hosted party is an interesting sight — people of all walks of life are welcome, as far as a Pisces is concerned.

9. They’re a little oversensitive.

And by a little, I mean a lot. Words cut deep with Pisces, so this might be why your Piscean friend hasn’t been as chatty lately. Be careful with your words and be honest with how you feel because Pisces are also sensitive to others’ emotions. If you’re feeling stressed, a Pisces can feel it. Trust me.

10. They need role models.

… And they look for it in everyone. If you feel like a Pisces looks up to you, it’s probably because one does. Without a role model, a Pisces feels lost and usually can’t decide what his or her next goal or step should be.        ]]>

The Darkish Aspect of Capricorn

The Dark Side of Capricorn   Capricorns are born in the wintry dark and carry a bit of that “Winter is coming” portentousness year-round. They’re cold stone sober at times, being of the season of the longest nights. Winter is a time when our ancestors dealt with the harsh realities of survival. There’s a touch of the survivalist in Capricorn, who works hard to make it through tough times. Though Samhain is a time of thin veils, it’s been my experience that Winter Solstice is the darkest night of the soul.

And seasonally, it’s a tough time for many, when thoughts of death and dying (suicide) peak. The dark envelopes, and it’s not as easy to find that light of faith — we have to dig deep and with persistence.

Capricorn then is a sign of those reserves of strength, but one that faces these dark realities of mortality, the dying time of nature, the lack of light.  Along with that, it’s a month when the Moon peaks in Cancer, bringing emotional yearnings for closeness and familial closeness to a crescendo. Poor Capricorn can become grim and grave-faced, and suffer with depression in a big way. A Capricorn that’s denied herself the comforts of private life, in pursuit of that career peak, can lash out, until they realize what’s missing. If the shadow is running things, they could be that boss that pushes everyone to model their own ways of putting work first, and paying a price.


The late great Linda Goodman of Love Signs fame writes of Capricorn’s “blind obeisance to tradition, family, law and order and all forms of authority.” She adds, “Goat J.

Edgar Hoover was just doing his Saturn thing.”

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of authority, that’s in that automatic mode, when it’s not matured to a more authentic, self-styled and earned credential. If we look at a fearful Saturn as wanting to control, keep order, we see all the ways the dark side can play out.

They are the ones that hide behind a uniform or government authority. And Capricorn is cardinal in its mode – they are natural born leaders. Will they be tyrants or rule fairly? A saving grace is that they want you to be productive, because it reflects well on them. But a rigid-minded Goat inspires rebellion, and often squashes originality. A negative trait of Capricorn is seeing rank or standing as an established, solid thing. I’ve found, too, that Capricorns can take as set in stone, all kinds of hierarchies, even those that are cultural or somewhat alternative. A Capricorn friend once couldn’t get why I didn’t want to write for a regional Magazine, as it was “THE best one I could be associated with.” But I found it on the pretentious side, and even the editors there admitted it was a booster magazine for advertisers. She also judged my then-boyfriend-now-husband as not up to par, because, well, he lived in a storage unit. To her credit, others likely thought it, while she said it! Capricorn is an earth sign of strong opinions, and you know where they stand. If you don’t share the same values, or the same idea of status, that becomes a larger and larger gulf.


And then there’s the materialism of Capricorn, the love of worldly things taken to its extreme.

 In her classic book Practical Astrology, the merrily creative writer April Elliott Kent names Scrooge in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as a Capricorn character, the misanthrope who becomes a new man.

She writes, “Dry, brittle, and preoccupied with material success, Scrooge is transformed by an encounter with the spirit world (Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat and can make his home in both the physical and spiritual realms). Confronted with spectral visions of what he is, what he has been, and what he will be if he keeps going int he same direction, Scrooge sees the light – it is, after all, a solstice tale – and opens his heart to the true wealth of friends.”


Dickens’ Scrooge is an old man, and Capricorn is the sign of old age, the winter of life. It’s in this deep dark that we have that kind of life review, those “spectral visions” of what will unfold, if the path isn’t altered.

And perhaps that pessimism comes from seeing so many going along, not taking charge of their lives or altering the course of history. Capricorn gets cynical, from ruminating on all the passive sheeple going toward their doom, individually or collectively. That’s when Capricorn gets morose, despairing over all that’s wrong, and how things are seemingly getting worse and worse. But if the even longer view is seen, Capricorn becomes the sign of ancient earth, with chronologies marked in epochs that they find peace with contemporary life. It’s harder for some to find the lightness in Capricorns they know, or for Cappy’s to find their own light. But when, they do, it’s like finding a light to carry through all time, that stands up to the darkest ordeals.]]>

Two-Faces: the Darkish Aspect of Gemini

The Dark Side of Gemini…   Dark side Gemini is an evil genius with a buzzed, scanning mind and that’s the source of the many mercurial gifts. Who hasn’t known a Gemini that keeps them in stitches? And yet, there are extremes when the ultra-active Gemini mind is disturbed, from schizophrenia to paranoia or showing traits of a sociopath. The detachment from feelings is a gateway to evildoing. describes a sociopath as: “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

We could be talking the far end of the dark side, like a serial killer who leaves symbolic or numerological clues behind. There’s also the garden-variety learned sociopathic traits that at times are fluffed up — or even shaped — if the Gemini is exposed to a callous, desensitized culture. A Gemini’s dark side, then, can seem in vogue, when you look at dominant themes — celebrity gossip, dirty tricks in business and politics, the superficial favored over the substantial, short-term gratification over long-term achievement. The wise Gemini learns from these traps and puts their brilliance to work for higher purposes. Gemini’s evil twin polarity is Dark Side Sagittarius, who is similarly tricksy and emotionally reckless, though does it with a smile.


Mercury is Gemini’s ruler, so messages AND perceptual tricks and variations are its medium. This air sign flies down the highway of life with its mental top down full time, and that means constant change.
The legendary trait of the Twins, being of Two Minds, has a dark side — duplicity! Gemini plays fast and loose with reality, sometimes hurting others (knowingly or unknowingly) in the process. Are Gemini’s the big liars of the Zodiac? Let’s just say that their minds can hold two opinions, seemingly contradictory, at the same time.
This peculiar trait is useful when coming to new understandings to do with the paradoxical nature of life. But when walking the dark side path, Gemini comes off as untrustworthy, and often they don’t trust themselves to know what’s true either. Gemini’s famous humor goes dark side when it’s weaponized against everyone that crosses their path.  It’s the delivery of the snarky remark that’s cutting, but so funny, you have to laugh. A dark side Gemini can poison the well of a workplace or clique of friends by talking behind someone else’s back. Everyday evil happens when we’re not “true” to our own values, moral code, sense of empathy, etc. The witty colleague or friend Gemini pulls others into the shadows in devious, but subtle ways. Often it’s a humorous comment about a coworker or mutual friend.  It might be a cruel nickname or running commentary on the person’s private life. Before you know it, you’re engaging in wicked banter about that person, while smiling to their face. It gets back to that friend or coworker, who is surprised that you’d go along with it. That’s when you know you’ve been infected by the airborne virus of the dark side Gemini!


Bright Gemini (Sun) naturally has many interests but has an erratic flight pattern, not unlike the butterfly.

It’s said that energy goes where attention flows, and for Gemini, that’s always oscillating.

Pointing a finger at Gemini’s dark side, we find her superficial to the flaky extreme. She forgets to show up on time, then brushes it off, “Sorry!”  She drops a project, saying it’s become tedious and boring. What comes naturally to air sign Gemini — curiosity — is what takes them over the edge at times, to the dark side. The mischievous Gemini plays with you, out of curiosity, but moves on when another catches his or her eye. A dark side Gemini charms the pants off you in the evening and shows short-term memory loss the next day. When those organic Gemini traits of lightness are used in devilish ways, it’s time to stand still and look at the shadow side.  ]]>

Your Pink Moon Horoscope Is Extra Magical Than You Suppose

Your Pink Moon Horoscope Is More Magical Than You Think   Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Pink Moon won’t actually be pink. So if it’s not pink, then why call it that? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans gave full moon names to help different tribes track the seasons. In the case of the Pink Moon, which happens in April, it received this name because both pink moss and wild ground phlox are some of the first flowers to bloom during the season. However, full moons hold incredible power and are said to even affect the way we act and how much sleep we get. This specific full moon is said to resemble “The Green conquers the land until Flowers begin to bloom. Mother Nature celebrates its resurrection with vivid colors. Another reason that Pink was picked for the April’s Moon is because it is also the color of Venus, the Governor of Taurus.” It’s also said to have a pretty big impact on your love life (wink wink). Here’s how you can expect for the pink moon to affect your sign. What’s in store for you?


Look forward to building stronger relationships, whether it be making new friends, getting to network and meet new people in your field, or maybe feeling more connected to your romantic partner. A lot of good is in store for you, so milk it, girl!


You might be feeling a little hesitant about something concerning those around you. Maybe you want to quit your job and find a better one. Maybe you want to tell your best friend that you’ve been in love with them for ages. Regardless, your heart is vacillating between going for the gold and staying put. With Venus in retrograde, it might be a good idea to not make any hasty decision, or it could cost you.


Be prepared for some perfect person to drop out of the sky. Okay, that might seem a bit dramatic, but there is a good chance someone sweet and unexpected is going to walk into your life. It might be a new hire at your job, a friend of a friend, or maybe even a new Tinder match. Regardless, there are some great love vibes coming your way.


Family means a lot to you by nature, and during this full moon, your family members are going to be playing a pretty crucial role. They will be prominent in your life during the month, but definitely on the night of the Pink Moon. Maybe you will be gathering for dinner with them, or might hear good news about a wedding, engagement, or pregnancy.


It looks like you’ll be watching a bunch of meaningful relationships blossom right before your eyes. Whether it be meeting a new romantic partner, meeting a new group of friends, or starting a new job with really cool coworkers, you’ll be feeling happy and loved.


You have conflicting feelings about certain people in your life. You might be thinking about breaking up with your partner, ending a toxic friendship, or leaving some other aspect of your social life behind. It’s no wonder you’re confused, with Mercury still in retrograde and this powerful moon hovering in the sky. Think a lot about your decisions before you make any, and don’t be impulsive. On the bright side, your finances are (or will be) solid!


Since this is the full moon in Libra, of course, you’re at the center of everyone’s attention. Which means you’ll want to be careful about decisions you make. You might have people taking a closer look at you at work, so be on your best behavior. It also means a prospective partner might be eyeing you. If you’re on the prowl, be prepared for an overflow of Tinder matches and potential suitors. Get it, girl!


You’re focusing on yourself a lot right now, and that’s a good thing. Take this Pink Moon as a chance to treat yourself to things you enjoy: a nice dinner with friends, a bubble bath, or a great workout sesh. This time is the perfect one to sit back, relax, and take it easy. You might be working yourself to the bone and this Pink Moon is a reminder that you need to focus on your work-life balance a little more.


You might feel like your friends have fallen away, or that you’re really craving a romantic relationship but can’t find the right partner. If you’ve been feeling lonelier than normal, it makes total sense according to the stars. Take this Pink Moon as a signal to go out there and meet new people. You might meet a new lover or a cool new group of friends. Be sure to have fun! You’ve been in recluse as of late, and you need to break the cycle!


If there’s been a lot of drama going on at work, this Pink Moon is a reminder that you should not engage in it. It seems like a lot of great things are coming your way in terms of your career, and that’s what you have your heart set on at the moment. You’re not too concerned with your love life right now and are really going after something that means more to you, be it a revenge body or a new job.


You, just like your fellow Scorpio friends, are working on yourself right now. You wanna do you, and that’s totally fine. Your love life isn’t at the forefront, but this Pink Moon means that you’ll be gaining some real self-love and care time. Things will clear from your schedule naturally and you’ll find more time for hitting the gym, hanging with friends, spending time with family, or just watching TV by yourself (which you haven’t gotten to do in such a long time).


Something might be nagging at you, and this Pink Moon urges you to listen to your heart. Whether you want to initiate a breakup because you’re not happy or want to admit that you’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately, this is the time to do it. You might be in denial about something, and this is the time to admit what’s wrong. Once you do that, you can work towards the things you really want, whether it’s a loving relationship, new job, or more money in the bank.  ]]>

Most cancers (Zodiac) and Melancholy

“Cancer Zodiac and Depression…”  


As a Cancer myself, I’ve lived with depression as a tidal thing, that at times has totally dragged me under.  Like the other water signs Scorpio and especially Pisces, the emotional nature of Cancer puts them at odds with modern life.


It’s not easy being a Cancer, and Donna Cunningham (a Moonchild herself) notes it’s not a popular sign. Donna writes on SkyWriter, “A world rigidly organized around corporations and productivity is biased against people who are too emotional, too hung up in the past, too attached to Mom, too fond of food, and too openly insecure. Cancerians who have those qualities stir up unwanted feelings others are trying hard to contain in order to survive their dehumanized jobs.”
 Cancer’s lunar traits make them scapegoats, Donna writes, in a world that labels Crab traits as neurotic. Or as she implies, Cancer too often reminds them of what they’re trying to stuff down — their feelings, sensitivities, yearnings for what’s been lost, etc.
The Moonchild that finds the strength to live in sync with their true rhythms grows confident and better able to cope.
This is true of all the signs, but for Cancer, they are moving against a powerful mainstream.  A key is to cultivate all things watery to honor that rhythm.


I struggled with bulimia starting in my early teens, and looking back, it was to do with the lack of empathy for who I was.  This led to a need to feed myself, and feel full. There was also a lot of external judgment about looks, both from my Mother and the culture in general.  And since I wanted to be accepted, I really wanted to be considered attractive, and that meant losing weight. A misguided therapist told me in college that bulimia had no cure, and today that seems a shocking thing to say — and in my case, proven untrue.  Over time, I healed myself by slowly gaining a sense of self and by learning to mother myself. A Moonchild who is emotionally neglected as a child — or abused — has a mountain to climb.  I know at times my collected emotional pain was life-threatening, and this sign could be more vulnerable to suicide. Cancer (Sun) has a compelling link to food and nourishment, and this can become a strength over time.

 Each meal can become an act of self-care, by making healthy choices, and a time to take a break from the day, too.


A Cancer in trouble will fixate — and seem to really Live — in the past.  It’s already the sign of subjective reality, i.e. living in your own world.  And the imagination of the Moonchild is legendary. All this is a recipe for denial, and living in fantasy land.  This goes into dark territory when imagined wrongs of others are fed and animated, and become nightmares, blown all out of proportion. Cancers can also escape into nostalgia for an idealized past that never was.  You might say it all points to a need for a Home Sweet Home, where they are loved, and can feel a family-like sense of belonging. Cancers benefit from learning to cleanse the space, like with sage, and practice psychic hygiene.

 I know a bit about that, as a Crab that grew up with two Crab parents!  The Cancer child is a sponge, taking in all that’s said, and all the feelings, too.  And there’s often no way to share it, causing a great build up, and overwhelm leading to numbness.

When a Cancer is numb and “shut down,” that’s a sign of being depressed.  The Cancer child can become the holder of the emotional baggage somehow, with their own identity submerged. This can lead to a strange mix of dependency on friends, and cauterized actions at other times.  A Cancer might “use” a friend as a lifeline, but then cut them off coldly, if there’s a friendly or more stimulating port in the storm.


Cancers find healing when they stop denying their natural rhythm, and rearrange their lives to support these traits.  For example, many Cancers perform better in jobs where they can work when the mood hits, and are not on an externally imposed schedule. The Moonchild is always a child, and it’s healing to bring a patient attitude to that dimension, like you would for say, a toddler.  Sometimes you just gotta let it be — to cry, to laugh, to grieve, to be sullen. Since Cancer is so subjective, it really helps this sign to have mediums to share the visuals and emotional impressions of their inner life.  It’s a triumph when the personal becomes shared as the universal, and Cancer feels less alone. Embrace your domesticity, and defy the current programming away from family, tradition and roots.  These are the strengths of Cancer, and fortify this sign with what’s timeless. Cancers can stay healthy with the power of the water element, by spending time by the sea or with hydrotherapy.    ]]>

The darkish facet of Pisces?

The dark side of Pisces… Okay, I am the Sun sign of Pisces and this post is merely my personal observation and experience with living as one. Now, we all know that Pisces symbol depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions. I find this to be quite interesting given that much of what we read in modern astrology books describes us as sensitive, compassionate, selfless, nurturing,  romantic, sensual, etc. The flip side of that coin; however, is the not so sweet stuff. Characteristics such as escapism through fantasy or alcohol/drugs, insecurity, neediness, prown to major bouts of depression, to name a few.  What we rarely read about, and I am being totally honest here, is the fact that we Pisces can be just as ruthless and vengeful as any other sign, perhaps even more so! Most people find this somewhat surprising and fairly hard to believe, but anyone who has been on the other end of a scorned or violated Pisces knows this only too well to be true. It seems to me that there a two different types of Pisces ~ the ones who get even (and believe me when I say “even” I mean think nothing of hitting you where it hurts the most), and the ones who more often than not simply choose to cut their losses and just walk away licking their wounds.  Perhaps it is our strong emotional side, a state of being that generally seems to take over much of our logic at times, that causes this extreme behavior? I, myself, have been known in the past of standing on both sides of that coin!  Now, please don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I feel that my sign of Pisces is a pretty positive sign overall and I am not in any way trying to make us sound bad because we are truly NOT! But, just like any other sign, we are far from perfect and do have our faults. After all, we are only human!  ]]>

5 Deadly Flaws All Pisces Have In Frequent

5 Fatal Flaws…

1. They take shit way too personal.

The reason behind this annoying habit is because Pisces feel everything on another level. Since they are so in tune with all their emotions (often joked about being too emotional of people) they tend to have difficulty differentiating when things should and shouldn’t offend them. My best advice- if the person saying it does not know you personally, then do not take it personally.

2. They hold grudges.

Pisces are funny; they are fast to forgive but even faster to remember past events and throw it in your face during an argument or justifying a scenario. Friends can’t help but love Pisces because usually the good traits outweigh the bad traits.

3. Pisces are roller coasters.

This is where I’m talking emotional. Whether it be good or bad emotions- they freaking diarrhea out from their heart like a lemonade pitcher on a hot Florida day. Also, they tend to expect others to share their exact emotion. For example, if a Pisces just got a new job and it’s a big freaking deal, they tell the people they love most and expect that person to be just as excited for their good news. If the person on the other end is excited and fails to show the excitement the Pisces WILL question the behavior in their mind for hours later. “Why wasn’t she so happy?” The Pisces overlooks the reality that this person was at work, still took their call, and couldn’t jump and scream. Calm down, Pisces, calm down.

4. Ever heard of black or white? Well, Pisces fail to see gray.

There is little gray. Not 50 shades, not 1 shade, it’s black or white. Pisces love to commit to things and people; once this is done they are all in, or never in. There is no “sort of” in their worlds. This can be great or this can be awful. This also leads me to explaining how Pisces are amazing lovers when you’re on their good side, but horrible devils when you’ve somehow gotten on their bad side. In Pisces defense- to get onto their bad side takes some work. They aren’t quick to toss people out, the wrong do-er must do some horrible shit to hurt or betray the Pisces, but once that act is done, be aware, the Pisces are like snakes (in the water) they wait to attack. Where others would seek revenge and thrive- the Pisces waits and waits building a horrible plan of hurting this person who hurt them first. It could be months away, maybe on the wrong do-er’s birthday; but they will get what’s coming. Not all Pisces are this extreme- some just need to envision revenge and they are satisfied.

5. Finally, Pisces are some clingy mother effers.

They want to be around the ones they love all the time. It can become overwhelming. It is innocent, they just love to love and want to show everyone who means something to them how much they mean to them….every single day. It becomes a bit to handle if you are someone rather detached and not used to this kind of love. Accept their love and showering of emotions, but just don’t forget to say thank you or make the Pisces feel appreciated. If the Pisces feels unappreciated enough times….well, refer to number 4.

Yes, I am a Pisces. If you know a Pisces, comment below or share with others!


Boyfriends Ranked From Faithful To Big Fat Cheaters Based On Their Zodiac

1. Cancer

Once a Cancer falls for you, you’ll be in their heart forever. They will want to settle down with you as soon as possible. Get married. Have babies. The whole shebang. They wouldn’t ever dream of cheating on you, because they wouldn’t want to ruin the future that they already picture you having together. They wouldn’t want to destroy their happily ever after.

2. Leo

You might think that a Leo would love to stay single forever, because they always want to be the center of attention, but they would rather get all of their attention from one person. They want to create their own happy family. They want to live in a huge house with a ring on their finger and a puppy on their front porch. Even though they have modern beliefs, they still like the old fashioned idea of love.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns keep their hearts locked inside of steel cages, because they prefer to be alone. They think it’s easier that way. So if they actually decide that they would rather be with you than be single, they will stay with you forever. Once they commit, they commit. They don’t mess around. And if for some reason they did, you would know about it right away because they tell the truth, even when it’s hard.

4. Aquarius

Honestly, this sign is too lazy to cheat. They aren’t going to go through the trouble of swiping through dating sites and hiding text messages and sneaking out to meet up with someone else. Keeping up with one relationship is enough for them. Two is just too much work. They don’t see the point in cheating when it’s so inconvenient.

5. Taurus

A Taurus will cling to you tightly. The only cheating conversations you’ll have is when they suspect you of cheating — because they are the type to get nervous when the smallest thing seems sketchy. Even if they know you would never hurt them, they have trust issues which can cause them to become paranoid. It can cause them to misread your actions and freak out when nothing bad has actually happened.

6. Virgo

Virgos hate cheaters — but they might cheat themselves if the timing is right. The problem is that they have high standards. Some even say they have unrealistic expectations. So if they are unhappy in a relationship and find someone that makes them happier, they won’t have a problem swapping partners, because they go after what they deserve. They want a real fairy tale romance.

7. Aries

Aries get bored easily. If you don’t keep flirting with them, if you don’t keep the romance alive, then you are going to lose their interest. And when that happens, they are either going to cheat or they are going to break up with you — whichever happens first. To keep an Aries faithful, you have to treat them the way you did when you first fell in love. You can’t let them feel neglected, you can’t let the sparks die down.

8. Libra

Libras overthink. They overanalyze. And that causes them to fear. If they cheat, it will probably be because they want to ruin the relationship themselves, so that the other person doesn’t get a chance to ruin it first. Either that, or it’s because they are insecure and wanted to feel sexy again. When they cheat, it’s more about themselves than it is about the other person. It’s because they let their brain get the best of them. Of course, not every Libra does this. Most of them have a good enough grasp on their morals to remain faithful.

9. Scorpio

Scorpios are bold, passionate, and impulsive. They go after what they want, even if what they want is supposed to be off limits. They have a hard time controlling themselves, which is why they might end up cheating on you. Of course, if they love you enough, they will stop flirting so much, stop drinking so much, stop giving into every whim they have and start acting responsible enough for you to trust them.

10. Pisces

This sign is a social butterfly. They meet new people all the time. Sometimes, they flirt with those people. The playful banter might start out as harmless, but there’s always a chance that it could turn into something more. If this sign is going to cheat, it will happen emotionally first. Then they will either let it lead to something physical or drop contact with the person completely because they realize that emotional cheating is just as bad as kissing would be.

11. Sagittarius

This is the sign that is most comfortable with almost relationships, one-night stands, and friends with benefits. They have high libidos and a fear of commitment, which is why they usually stay alone. They usually give disclaimers about not being ready for a relationship. Of course, as much as this sign loves sex, there’s no guarantee that a Sagittarius will cheat on you. If they actually agree to commit to you (which is rare for them) then they’re probably serious about your relationship and won’t want to mess it up.

12. Gemini 

The most dangerous thing about dating a Gemini is that — if they decide to cheat on you — they will get away with it for a long time. They will know exactly what to say to you, exactly how to reprogram their phone and rearrange details to make you believe what they tell you. Their intelligence will make it easy to fool you. It will make it easy for them to jump from one bed to another. But that same intelligence could remind them that messing up their relationship with you is the worst mistake they could make. It could convince them to stay loyal. It honestly depends on the person.

Zodiacs Ranked From The Best Flirts To The Most Painfully Awkward Flirts

1. Scorpio

Scorpios are smooth AF. They can hold a conversation with anybody they meet — but they don’t give too much away during the first interaction in order to keep the mystery alive. To keep people interested. And a lot of people are interested in Scorpios. There’s something about them that naturally draws attention.

2. Virgo

Virgos use their grace, their elegance, and their body language to their advantage. They swivel their hips as they walk across a room. They touch your hand or thigh as you make them laugh. They sit close enough to you that you can feel each other’s body heat. Instead of being vocal about how they feel, they let their actions speak for them.

3. Aries

When an Aries sees something that they want, they go after it without thinking twice. From the very first conversation, they create intense sexual tension with their dirty jokes and subtly sexual comments. Since they are so bold, they aren’t afraid to ask someone out to the movies or to lean in for the first kiss. Not to mention, they’re excellent sexters.

4. Taurus

A Taurus will make you fall in love with them by becoming your friend first. They will make you laugh. They will listen to you talk. They will teach you new things. They will encourage you to share every secret. You’ll realize how much you love their personality first and then the physical attraction will come later. But that’s why this sign creates such strong relationships — because it’s always based on friendship first.

5. Capricorn

A Capricorn is better at flirting when it’s over text. When they don’t have to look the other person in the eye and think on the spot. They’re intelligent, so they can always come up with the perfect response to make their crush’s heart beat faster, but it can take them a little bit of time. So when they’re texting and have all the time in the world, they can appear even more suave than they are in ‘real life.’

6. Leo

This sign loves to flirt. They will draw you in with their good looks and smooth conversations. However, Leos can be dramatic. If you stop texting them after you’ve been flirting for a week, or walk away from them in a bar to hit on someone ‘better,’ they will flip out on you. They won’t keep quiet about feeling betrayed by you. They won’t let you get away with it.

7. Sagittarius

This sign acts like they don’t give a fuck, which can be a huge problem when it comes to flirting. Instead of making it clear that they have feelings for someone, they leave texts unanswered and act like they’re too busy to hang out to avoid appearing clingy. But it only makes them look uninvested. Like they couldn’t care less about the person they care about most in the world.

8. Cancer

This sign is timid, shy, the type to wait for you to make the first move. But once a Cancer is comfortable with you, once they are 100{da98e796ff253ab21784d6d15b52f5f89ad4dda093e04c545ca8dbabfb7a221f} that you feel the same way and their feelings aren’t one-sided, they will flirt with you every chance they get. They will pick lint off your shirt. They will drop food off at your house. They will compliment you nonstop. They will always make you feel special, wanted, loved.

9. Gemini

Gemini try too hard. They copy the moves they see in magazines and movies, but that never works out well in real life. Instead of feeling sexy in heels and heavy makeup, they just feel ridiculous. Instead of feeling flirty when they give someone a smile or a wink, they just feel awkward. That’s why, honestly, they hate flirting.

10. Pisces

This sign can be clumsy. They can ramble. They can say things that sound rude without actually meaning to come across that way. With their luck, they will spill food on their shirt or have something stuck in their teeth or fall flat on their face right when their crush walks by them. Somehow, they always end up embarrassing themselves — even when they’re trying to come across as sexy.

11. Aquarius

This sign has so many feelings. When they like someone, they don’t just have a little crush. They are completely infatuated with the person, falling head over heels for them. That’s why it’s so hard for them to have a flirtatious conversation. They treat their crush like they are flawless, inhuman, untouchable. They psych themselves out, which is why every conversation is filled with blushing and stumbling.

12. Libra

Libras overthink everything. Before they walk up to their crush or text their crush, they plan out exactly what they are going to say and do. They run through the scenario in their head fifty times before making an actual move. Sometimes, they put it off completely, because they are terrified of looking silly. They are terrified of finding out the other person doesn’t feel the same way.
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