Particular Perks and Advantages You Must Know About if You’re Coming to D23 Expo

D23 Fan Lounge––Need to recharge in between panels, presentations, and exploring the Expo? Everyone is welcome to enjoy the D23 Fan Lounge, which will be located in the heart of the show floor. Here, you can charge your phone at complimentary stations, take Insta-worthy shots at fun photo spots, and learn more about D23. The lounge is located directly in front of Center Stage, and you won’t be able to miss it––it will feature décor inspired by everyone’s favorite lucky rabbit, Oswald! D23 Gold Member Benefits––If you’re a D23 Gold Member (we hope you are!), be sure to take advantage of several benefits, including priority seating for presentations in Hall D23 and the D23 Expo Arena, a complimentary Expo-exclusive print, and special offers and discounts from Disney partners including Havaianas, Ozobot, Steiff, and Thomas Kinkade (Stay tuned for the full list of Disney partners and offers). D23 Charter Member Lounge––If you’ve been with us since the very beginning, don’t forget to stop by the D23 Charter Member Lounge. D23 Charter Members (who joined in 2009 and have maintained their Gold Membership status) will have exclusive access to this private lounge off the show floor, where they can relax and purchase food and beverages.]]>

Finest reward concepts for Aries

The Aries in your life loves gifts. Anything exciting, colorful and fun will make Aries happy. They love surprises… this will make their day. Don’t worry about a fancy wrapping job… Aries is too impatient to appreciate it. They are focused on what’s inside, not what you did to make it pretty. Aries can be very offended if you forget to give them something on their special day… so don’t forget! When choosing a gift for Aries, don’t forget their personality. They tend to be impulsive and active. Athletics may be one of their interests. They can be of fiery temperament, yet they love to play. Keep these things in mind when you go shopping for an Aries gift. Aries also rules the brain, the head and face. Gifts associated with these areas will be appreciated. When choosing an Aries gift, don’t think they’ll appreciate that practical one you had your eye on, or one of those great organizational tools to help them keep everything in its place. Boring! Aries wants something challenging and exciting. Aries loves to be first… if a new trend is starting, make sure they are part of it! If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Aries will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Aries. Jewelry is always an appropriate gift. The bigger and more glamorous the better. Don’t waste your time on cute little trinkets, go for the gemstones every time. Earrings, watches and necklaces head the list. Make sure they are dazzling… Aries loves a bit of flash. Tickets to a sporting event they enjoy will make them happy. Likewise, gear for a sport they participate in is a good choice, as are clothing or hats emblazoned with their favorite teams. Aries likes to stay active and learn new things. Find out what has been intriguing them lately and get them a how-to book on the subject, preferably with some materials to start their newest project. For example, if your Aries has been longing to knit, buy them a great instructional book with lots of diagrams and pictures as well as a pair of needles and some nice yarn. Electronics of all types fascinate Aries. The newest gadget is sure to be a hit. Whether it is an iPhone, the latest videogame console or a GPS unit to keep in the car, Aries will love them all. The kitchen is a great place for Aries. They love to cook. They also have a bit of a fascination with fire and sharp implements. A new set of knives may be just perfect, or a new barbecue. Failing that, a book on grilling may inspire them to create wondrous meals on the grill they already have. If you’re lucky, you may get to be the guinea pig for many new recipes that will have to be tried. Shiny stainless steel pots and pans are another terrific gift idea for Aries.]]>

15 Sensible Disney Memes That Will Make Anybody ROFL

Frozen and Moana, or about the Disney Channel Original Movies that they air on TV. Disney fans get really creative. It shows in their awesome tattoos, cosplays, fan art, and even in their memes. Personally, I’m thankful because it gives me something to laugh at when I’m procrastinating. If anyone out there is a big Disney fan like me, then you’ll love this list of 15 hilarious Disney memes that will bring out your inner child.

15. Until The Last Spoonful Falls Into Our Mouth

Now this is something I would have wanted to touch. I’m not gonna lie, as a kid I didn’t really think the rose was anything all that special. I wouldn’t have been wanting to run and touch it like Belle did. I get it, it’s a pretty glowing flower in an upside down glass vase. So what? If Disney movies have taught me anything, it’s that we can’t touch anything if it’s glowing. Has anyone ever noticed that? The spinning wheel in Sleeping Beauty was glowing, Snow White had a poison apple that I’m pretty sure glowed a little, and this rose? Glowing and in a mysterious part of the castle under a glass dome. It all just screams, “DO NOT TOUCH!” But if it was Nutella? I’d be all over it.

14. Too Soon

This is just too soon. I don’t really like watching The Lion King because this scene is too sad. And then watching Simba cry at his dad’s dead body? What’s up with that, Disney? They’re traumatizing the children here! I honestly feel like there are some scenes in Disney movies that are just too real to be in the movie. Like Mufasa’s murder scene or most of Pocahontas. Like, I know they’re technically for kids. But they’re just too sad or too dark for children to really understand at times. Scar betraying his brother like this and then Simba mourning his dad’s death is too sad for me to watch, even as an adult. That doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh at whoever set up the plush toys in the Disney store like this, though.

13. Those Are Totally The Words

Anyone who says that the Circle of Life song from The Lion King isn’t stuck in their head right now is a liar. I looked up what the lyrics actually said once because I was tired of singing my own weird version of it. I didn’t find what the lyrics in the original language were, but I found a rough English translation. Which is not what I wanted at all and kind of ruined the magic a little. It’s basically saying something like, “Look, it is a lion.” Over and over. Not as fun now, is it? Not like that will really stops us from singing our own weird version, like the one in this meme. No matter how underwhelming the translation is, holding up our cat or dog and singing our own version will never get old.

12. Forget Poisoned Apples

If a witch held an apple out to me and told me all I needed was to take one bite and my life would suddenly be better, I’d ignore it. First of all, I don’t really trust witches. I feel like that goes without saying. But second of all, an apple? Really? Listen, I love apples and all, but not enough to take one from a stranger who is trying to convince me that this apple is gonna change my life. But nice try, I guess? Now, if she was holding up tacos or a pizza like this meme shows? I might have to change my answer and trust a witch for the first time. Not because I expect the pizza to be magic and change my life or anything. It’s just because I love pizza. I mean, don’t we all?

11. Every Time

Here’s a challenge for everyone: go turn on a playlist of Disney songs. See how long it takes for us to start singing along to them. Mouthing the words or dancing while they play counts as singing. It’s not easy, trust me. I tried it the other day with a mix of songs from my favorite Disney movies. I’m actually pretty proud of myself, I made it to about five words into the first song that played. And then? I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I had to start singing. That’s actually a really good first date idea. Then, if they make it through all our favorites without singing along, then we’re probably not gonna want to go on a second date with them. I mean, what kind of psycho path listens to a full playlist of Disney songs without singing? I guess it’s time to go back on Tinder I guess.

10. Everyone’s Childhood Confusion

Seriously, didn’t everyone think that D was a G? I didn’t think the Y was a P, I don’t think, but that fancy D confused me for years. I would spend hours trying to figure if the tags on my clothes and VHS tapes said Disney or Gisney. (Don’t judge. Thanks to this meme, I know I’m not alone.) It kind of confuses me now how everyone thought it was a G, though. Like, it would be a backwards G if it was one. Isn’t that even weirder than just being a G? I guess not since as children, we pretty much all accepted that it wasn’t a D. Disney’s logo changed several times and this one didn’t appear until 1984. The weirdest part is that wasn’t how Walt even wrote his D’s. He did write them beautifully with some fancy flourishes, but they didn’t resemble a backwards G in the least.  

9. Fashion Goals

I love these parodies of the “JustGirlyThings” images. I remember when those were really popular all over Tumblr a few years ago. And they were all kind of silly things like, “Wearing belts,” or “Drinking hot cocoa in the winter.” Umm,  don’t all people wear belts and make hot cocoa in the winter? Really breaking new ground here, Tumblr users. Naturally, as the Internet goes, it wasn’t long before people started making memes and parodying it. There are all kinds of “Just____Things” on the Internet now, but the Disney parodies of the originals are my favorites. Especially this one from Peter Pan with Smee’s stomach hanging out of his shirt. These memes never get old. See what I did there? Because this is from Peter Pan and Peter doesn’t age? I love puns.

8. Who Knew Disney Made Horror Movies?

This is honestly so relateable. Who cares about getting in trouble as long as we still have the Internet? Her face in the second frame is absolutely gold. Seriously, as a kid I never cared about getting sent to my room. Great, send me to where I have a TV, a computer, video games, and books. Real good punishment, they’re sure showing me not to misbehave again. Of course, my parents learned eventually that it wasn’t very effective since, well, they were sending me in to my room with all my stuff to entertain me and I was probably gonna be in there anyway. So, they started taking the mouse and keyboard from my computer since this was before just changing the WiFi password. Ridiculous, right? But it worked.

7. Someone Buy Me This

Okay, seriously. Where can I buy this thingmabob? As a kid, I wanted to be Ariel so bad. I guess that hasn’t really changed much since I still want to be a mermaid with nice long hair, a cute little shell bra, and no responsibilities other than swimming around in the ocean. But as a kid, I was serious about it. I had costumes for a lot of Disney characters that I wore all the time, but none for Ariel. I didn’t really need one though, since I had red hair and could just brush my hair with a fork. But having an actual brush that looks like one of her forks? That’s a total game changer. Just take all my money, Disney—TAKE IT! I don’t need money as much as I need cute Disney stuff.

6. Let it Go

There’s only one thing I love more than I love Disney memes. It’s puns. And combining the two for a hilariously punny Disney meme? That’s absolutely gold. Normally I think it’s kind of rude to take pictures of people without them knowing. I don’t really like all those pictures on the Internet that people take of a stranger to make fun of them if they’re trying to be mean-spirited about it. I know I’m sort of in the “online minority” with that, but it’s not funny to me. But this one? This is hilarious. Seeing Elsa standing at the ATM with this hilarious pun about her account being frozen is just too clever. She’s gonna take her money out of her account and then let it go right into a cashier’s hand and buy some cute Disney merchandise.

5. Just Can’t Wait to Be King

No matter how many times I see this, I will always laugh at it. I probably double tapped this meme on Instagram hundreds of times after I started playing Pokémon GO last summer. And I still laugh at it every time I see it because it’s just too funny. Also, I know everyone is super hyped up about the Harry Potter game they’re coming out with, but I have a better idea. A Disney themed Pokémon GO game. Doesn’t that sound like it would be so much fun? I have no idea how it would work, I’m not really good with coming up with detailed ideas. But a game like that with Disney characters? Absolutely genius. Someone make this happen, please. I’ll be waiting in the App Store.

4. Find A Friend Like This

Jafar and Iago are totally #SquadGoals. I know, I know. Jafar is a villain and Iago is a mean little parrot. But come on, we can’t deny how adorably loyal they were to each other the entire time. Jafar is definitely not a good guy and Iago is not a nice bird, but they always looked out for each other. After Jafar became the evil sultan, he still looked out for Iago and gave him a little sultan hat to wear, too. Even we can’t deny that other, maybe even nicer people than Jafar, wouldn’t have bothered to give their little pet BFF a hat like this. There are some times that I almost like Jafar… Then I remember he was the worst. But only to Aladdin, not Iago.

3. The Worst Feeling

Seriously, is there a worse feeling than this? We spend all this time reading hundreds of pages and then it has a stupid ending. This isn’t so bad if the whole book was just kind of so-so, but if it was a really good book and then the ending was just stupid? Ugh. Especially if it ends all open-ended and doesn’t really tell us what happened in the end. Why even bother? I know that it’s supposed to be all mysterious and leave us able to come up with our own ending and our own ideas about what happened after the last page, but come on. If I wanted to make up my own ending for a book, I’d write one. But I’d probably give mine a stupid ending, too.

2. Such Grace

Seriously, we have to hand it to John Smith for this one. Although he was pretty skeptical during Pocahontas’ song, even she didn’t get as into that jump off the hill as he did. Such form. Such grace. Colors of the Wind was one of my favorite songs from any Disney movie as a kid. Honestly, it still is. But as a kid, all I wanted to do was jump off of a hill and roll through the grass like they did in this scene. I could never figure out how to leap through the air so dramatically like they did in this scene, though. That’s not to say I didn’t try, though. My jelly sandals and I flew through the air to the best of my abilities for hours on end.

1. “No, I’m Fine, I Got This”

This is honestly me trying to do anything after I’ve been drinking. And I mean it. That dramatic face and hands out for emphasis aren’t just for show, people. For some reason, having a couple drinks suddenly makes me the absolute best at everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, singing, or dancing, I’m amazing at it. America’s Next Top ModelThe Voice? Let me audition, I’ll make it all the way to the end. Which is just so strange, because I’m not very good at any of those things when I’m not drinking. Who knew a little alcohol could give a person magic powers? I’m glad this Disney meme gets me on such a deep level. The ones that are so relateable are the funniest ones.      ]]>

Damaging Character Varieties and The Mind

Life is full of moments of people disagreeing with you about something. But is it because these people are negative personality types? Or is it because their opinions are so deeply entrenched in their thought processes?

It all has to do with thinking patterns. As we grow older, our brain establishes neural networks. The more a neural path is used, the stronger it gets. Networks will spring out of the main pathway, giving rise to sub-ideas about a subject. Again, the more a network is used, the more entrenched that connection becomes. In other words, the more times that your brain thinks about something in a particular way, the deeper the idea gets fixed in your mind in a particular way.

It’s possible to change the rigidity of your neural pathway, but if the pathway is usually or always the first choice to be accessed by your brain when processing information, chances are you’ve established that line of thinking into long-term memory.

Long term memory is difficult to change. Ideas are usually fixed. It’s like trying to break apart a mountain with a pickaxe. Behaviors and attitudes also are rigid. If you always get mad about jello, it’s going to be tough getting you to feel good about jello because long-term memory keeps telling you jello is bad. Your body is used to reacting poorly to jello. So without thinking, your body reacts. It’s called cellular memory. Actions are fixed in the ‘memory’ or reflex of the body. You hear ‘jello’ and your body becomes tense, heart rate increases, and the adrenaline starts flowing, all without conscious control.

The rigid patterns of thinking can be changed but it’s a long process. If your father-in-law is always disagreeing with you it might be he’s not arguing about the issue, but his brain remembers he doesn’t like you. As long as that initial thought stays unchallenged, he will continue disliking you even if you and he love the same football team.

So learn to pick your battles. It’s tough to change thinking patterns if that’s how you’ve reacted to people and situations all your life. Approach the challenge with a positive attitude but be prepared for the possibility that nothing will change. Ideas can be deeply held onto by the brain even if they are completely wrong. Don’t take it personally when a person has a different opinion than you. It really has more to do with them than about you.


15 Celebs You’d Be Excellent With Primarily based On Your Zodiac Signal

It’s 2017 and time to finally take your love life up a notch. Or maybe a few notches by wading into the celebrity dating pool. And to ensure you don’t waste your time going after a Hemsworth when you should be knocking on the door of a Jonas brother, we’ve gotten a foolproof plan for your celebrity dating strategy: astrology. That’s right, we’re looking to the stars to help you match up with a star. So take a scroll through this list to figure out which Hollywood hunk you would be perfect with based on your Zodiac sign. Warning: this list is full of some delicious man candy. We’d suggest just scrolling all the way through for the nice view. But be careful! At the end, we introduce three Hollywood celebs you should stay away from based on your Zodiac sign. You don’t want to get involved with someone who is just not right for you. And yes, some of the men on this list are married, engaged or in a relationship. We’re not advocating for you to take a mistress role! Let’s just pretend we’re in a world where all of these hotties are unattached and available for you to date. The same fictional world where all of these hunks would give us normal people the time of day.

15. If You’re An Aries….

Hey Aries lady, have we got something wonderfully attractive for you. Your perfect man is none other than Chris Hemsworth, a Leo with the most piercing blue eyes and hunky body. The stars say that you and Chris are going to have a passionate relationship. Everything about you two is fiery and strong. Sure, you might get into a few spats. But it’s your deep love that will keep you together. You value Chris’ clarity while he values your ability to be concise. You’re both brave and strong leaders, so you may have to take turns in the spotlight. Emotionally, you and Chris are perfectly in sync. Everything between you two is warm, passionate, playful, and fun. You’re both very energetic and will love to try new things together. Maybe Chris will take you zip lining for your next date or on a surprise trip to Fiji? Whatever it is, we’re already jealous. Congrats – You get to date Thor!

14. If You’re A Taurus…

For the Taurus girl, we suggest looking up Nick Jonas, a Virgo. As a Taurus, you’ll teach Nick about love, tenderness, and passion. Now that sounds like a fun teaching job! The stars say you and Nick are a match made in heaven, as long as you don’t give in to distrust or your fear of being hurt. You bring the clear heart and Nick will bring the clear mind. You’ll connect intellectually and your patience will help win Nick over. He just needs to know you’re not going to up and leave him like some other Disney stars from his past (cough Gomez, cough Cyrus). You can both be a little stubborn, but your brilliant brain and Nick’s tender heart will bring you guys back together again. We think it’s worth a shot. After all, he’s definitely the Jonas brother who aged the best, right? It’d be hard to say no to someone who looks as good and sings as smoothly as Nick Jonas.

13. If You’re A Gemini…

Congrats, Gemini! Your perfect celebrity match is Libra Zac Efron. Color us very jealous! Your relationship with Zac is all about support. You have to be there for each other. We’re sure you’ll have no problem being there for good looking Zac – have you seen his Baywatch pictures? Anyway, the stars say that if you want to make it work with Zac, and you definitely do, you’ll have to take care of him. Libras like Zac don’t like to be alone! And he’ll have to respect you as his teacher, lover, and friend. When Zac falls in love, he falls hard. He will trust you completely and always be thinking of the deep love you two share. Sure, he might get a little flirty from time to time. But you understand that the flirting is just part of Zac’s job. You trust him too and don’t have to keep him on a short leash. We’re sure you love birds will find a way to make it work!

12. If You’re A Cancer…

For the Cancer chick, it is all about yummy Pisces man, Adam Levine. Who can resist that steely gaze, those muscular arms, and a voice that melts hearts? Certainly not a Cancer girl! When they talk about love at first sight, they’re talking about you and Adam Levine. You two are all about the emotional connection. You understand Adam better than anyone else. Your one challenge with Adam will be finding the line between his need for change and excitement and your need for family and stability. But once you find that balance, the stars say you’re one of the best couples in the Zodiac! So let Adam’s adventurous side inspire you and use your stable nature to help Adam feel comfortable and at home. At the end of the day, you both want to be loved and cared for. We certainly wouldn’t mind loving and caring for Adam Levine!

11. If You’re A Leo…

Leo ladies, your perfect match is none other than Aries man James Franco. We know Franco has a reputation for being a bit of a wild child in Hollywood (do not look at his Instagram feed, if you can help it). But that is why he needs someone like you! Together, you two are passionate and once in love, almost impossible to separate. You will be true to each other until the end and fight for your love. That is a nice trait to have in a partner. Just do not expect too much peace from this relationship. Things will always be a bit of a whirlwind with James. But that is what you Leo ladies love! You need that energy and spark in your relationship. James will definitely bring that. At the end of the day, you both admire one another and will build a strong relationship on your mutual passion and energy.

10. If You’re A Virgo…

Virgo gal, listen up! Your perfect Hollywood match is hunky Capricorn Bradley Cooper. Unlike the Aries and Leo combination, you and Bradley are all about a slow and steady love. You build your relationship on respect, trust, and love because you are in it for the long haul. You have been searching for perfection your whole life and you will find it in Bradley who will give you all the time you need and listen to you endlessly. Just remember not to get too stiff and still find time to open up emotionally. You will find a perfect intellectual match in Bradley – hew will challenge your mind while still respecting your opinion. If there is ever a problem, you and Bradley are the perfect team to solve it. The trust you two share will be absolutely unbreakable. Because nothing matters more to Bradley than trust and you are a Virgo girl who understands that.

9. If You’re A Libra…

Miss Libra, allow us to introduce your perfect celebrity match: Blake Shelton, the Gemini guy! Let’s pretend the whole Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani mess doesn’t exist. Just picture Blake as the hunky cowboy he is. Blake will love the balance that you bring to the relationship. While you’ll love his ability to entertain. You’re both mentally sharp and will share many intellectual interests, which might surprise the country singer. The stars say you two are awesome at coming up with ideas together. So maybe Blake will invite you down to the recording studio to help out with his next album? Blake will love the fresh energy you bring to the relationship and will happily follow you as you pursue your dreams. He’ll also be happy to take a backseat if you want to be the leader. So go ahead and suggest that lavish date night, Blake will be into it!

8. If You’re A Scorpio…

Scorpio sister, have we got a catch for you! What do you say to yummy British actor and Cancer man Benedict Cumberbatch? We say yes please! The trick with Benedict is that you need to find an emotional link. Once you’ve found it, you two are practically soulmates. You’ll be able to communicate without talking and connect on a deeper level than anyone else could understand. As a Cancer, Benedict is a naturally emotional guy. You have to be ready to deal with your emotions if you want to make it work with him. But don’t worry – Benedict will help you not want to run away from your emotions. Just like you’ll help him not to run away from negative experiences. As long as you two are together, you’ll be connected and happy, even if your interests differ. For you two, it’s all about the communication and connection. Connecting to Cumberbatch sounds like a good time to us!

7. If You’re A Sagittarius…

It’s Aquarius hottie Justin Timberlake for the Sagittarius gal. Now that is a good catch! The stars say that you and Justin will find each other when it’s time for both of you to go through a change. Your relationship will get you through that change and into your future together. The base of that relationship is friendship. You and Justin deeply and truly care for one another. Intellectually, you’re totally in step together, which is important side and wide and an open mind is important to both of you. You both also value honesty. You’re rational thinkers who will be able to communicate openly about anything. You love finding mutual interests and diving into them together. Perhaps you and Justin can take up cross stitching? Or maybe you can follow his passion for old school rap? The stars say when you two get together, no one and nothing can stand in the way of your success and productivity.]]>

Indicators As Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters

Buffy the Vampire Slayer will forever be one of the world’s favorite shows about the supernatural. If you haven’t seen the show, we reccommend adding it to your queue for hours of endless vampire/slayer romantic tension and ass-kicking! If you’ve ever wondered which character you would be based on your zodiac sign, look no futher! Aries: Spike   Taurus: Xander Harris   Gemini: Anya Jenkins   Cancer: Cordelia Chase   Leo: Angel   Virgo: Warren Mears

Libra: Tara Maclay   Scorpio: Faith Lehane   Saggitarius: Glory
Capricorn: Buffy Summers
  Aquarius: Willow Rosenberg   Pisces: Rupert Giles

What Disney Princess Are You Primarily based On Your Zodiac Signal

Aries: Jasmine Aries are known to be very friendly and outgoing people who stand up for what they believe in. Jasmine swagged her way into the castle to tell her father she wasn’t some prize to be won. They are somewhat vulnerable and are a little too trusting, which is why Aladdin managed to trick her into believing he was a prince. Like a true Aries, Jasmine did not hold that grudge for long.

Taurus: Cinderella

Cinderella, like a Taurus, accepts her role and doesn’t complain. She actively does her chores and never says a word about it. A Taurus is compassionate, reliable and dependable: all traits that Cinderella possesses. She takes the abuse from her family without speaking up for herself, displaying her emotional strength.

Gemini: Anastasia

Geminis are notorious for their inconsistent and wish-washy tendencies. Anastasia, in true Gemini form, cannot make up her mind whether or not she wants to seek out her Grandmother. Her love story with Dimitri is just like a Gemini: exciting and dangerous.

Cancer: Tiana

Tiana, just like a Cancer, is a hard-headed heroine who works hard and displays focus and drive. She doesn’t let her emotions get in the way and is successful at putting up a front. Despite being sensitive by nature, a Cancer works hard at creating a tough exterior.

Leo: Meg

A Leo loves to play the role of the leader and detests being bored. Meg, just like a Leo, has no problems telling Hercules and Hades exactly how things are. She loves Hercules with all of her heart and makes a real, genuine effort, just like a true Leo does in romantic situations.

Virgo: Aurora

A Virgo tends to be gentle and tries not to rock the boat. Virgos are very quiet, which is why Aurora is a fitting princess for this zodiac sign. She is very dependable by always being in the same place and is extremely sincere, as you can see when the prince awakens her.

Libra: Rapunzel

Libras are often considered restless people, which is a trait displayed by Rapunzel as she is stuck in a tower every day of her life. They are happiest when surrounded by others, which is why Rapunzel is often depressed. In true Libra fashion, she strategically weighs out her options in devising a plan to escape from her tower.

Scorpio: Ariel

Scorpio women hate restrictions and being unable to choose the path they desire. All Ariel wants to do is break free from her mermaid tail and live the life of a human. She goes to great lengths to make her dreams a reality as she makes a deal with the devil, so to speak.

Sagittarius: Pocahontas

Known for their animal loving natures, it should come as no surprise that Pocahontas is representing this zodiac sign. People of this sign are known for their great communication skills, which she more than demonstrates in her efforts to maintain peace in the movie. Just like a Sagittarius, Pocahontas falls in love easily and deeply with John Smith.

Capricorn: Jane

Capricorns by nature are intelligent, ambitious and determined. These qualities are completely reflective of Jane from the Disney film “Tarzan.” Jane, along with her father, follows her artistic passion to the depths of the African jungle. She is not intimidated by the vast unknown and instead embraces it for what it is worth.

Aquarius: Snow White

An aquarius is very accepting of all types of people and is a humanitarian. Snow White walks into the seven dwarfs’ home and cleans it without any knowledge of who lives there. Snow White isn’t put off by the appearance of the little men and doesn’t even entertain the thought that others would look at them differently.

Pisces: Belle

Belle is the daughter of an inventor; she is a creative, introverted soul. She’s stubborn and she doesn’t succumb to the false charms of Gaston because she looks beyond shiny façades. She’s a patron of the arts and an avid reader and singer. Belle, a typical Pisces, has sass and spunk, but stays cool and collected in stressful situations. Belle isn’t impressed by wealth, but cares for others, even sometimes at the expense of herself. Belle carves her own path and when she puts her mind to something, no one can stop her.]]>

The Worst Qualities You Possess, As Defined By Your Horoscope Signal

The stars seem to know everything about us, even more than our families and the government. Your zodiac sign can help you determine what kind of skin treatments you should have, what kind of job you should have, and even what kind of marijuana strain you should smoke. Our zodiac signs can also make us take a good hard look and see ourselves for the flawed, imperfect beings we are. It’s not a great idea to dwell on the negative aspects of our personalities, but it’s a good idea to be aware of them so we can decide to change or not. So, what are the negative sides to each zodiac sign? Aries (March 21 – April 19): Aries are pushy, bossy, domineering, and sometimes arrogant. All the qualities that make you a good leader often times make you combative and impatient. Aries love to argue and can be amazingly resistant to following order. The catch-phrase of an Aries could be, “I want it NOW.” Taurus (April 20 – May 20): On one hand, you’re hard-working and reliable; and on the other, stunningly lazy, stubborn, and messy. You crave money, and have a huge appetite for everything — you just don’t want to have to work for it. You don’t care if there’s a line of cars behind you; you’re going to go as slowly as you want, laughing at those idiots who can’t go around you. Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Some say that the duality of your personality is likable and charming, while others find it two-faced. You’re scattered, nervous, and lose interest quickly. You’re not one to stick it out and have a tendency to be a little immature. Cancer (June 21 – July 22): You’re so super-sensitive that people feel as if they’re walking through a minefield, never knowing when they might say something to set you off. Moody doesn’t even begin to describe the series of emotions you go through on a daily basis. Leo (July 23 – August 22): It has to be all about you, all the time. Leos are vain, self-centered, and thrive on attention. You live for praise and only ask questions in a conversation to try and get back to your favorite subject — you. Virgo (August 23 – September 22): You’re known for being a tight-ass, hypercritical perfectionist. The most amazing negative quality you have is your ability to remember and bring up something unpleasant from the past. You look down on people for their more animal instincts, but you’ve got them, too. You’re just afraid of indulging. Libra (September 23 – October 22): You couldn’t make a decision quickly to save your own life and have risen fence-sitting to an art form. You’re also fake, superficial, and need the approval of others like most people need air. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Demanding, controlling, and vindictive are three of your less-than-attractive personality traits. You resist change, and hang on to any wrongdoing (real or imagined) that you think has been done to you. Forgiveness isn’t an option for you. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): The term know-it-all was probably coined to describe you. You’re blunt, opinionated, yet detached, which makes the brutal things you say sting even more. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): All you do is worry, even when you don’t have anything to worry about. You can be rigid, a workaholic, and you have no problem using people to get what you want. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Did you invent the silent treatment? Because you’re really good at it. I guess being cold, detached, and strange can come in handy when you’re feeling aloof. Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Pisces, can you get your head out of the clouds for one minute? You have a serious problem dealing with reality, as you’re constantly confused and lost in your imagination.]]>

The MBTI, Horoscopes And Character

The MBTI is fascinating to many because of how extensively it analyzes your type. This test, as well as horoscopes, certainly appear to go in-depth with one’s personality. People may think of themselves as a “textbook definition of a Leo” or a “hardcore Aquarius.” We all enjoy reading into these kinds of things because they generalize our personalities, in a sense. They like to be vague. They like to pander to as many people as possible. Of course, the difference with this test and horoscopes is the amount they test you to see where you fall. As fun as horoscopes are to read sometimes, they’re dreadfully inaccurate. We tend to go along with it anyway, since they provide examples that apply to a lot of people. Let’s say your horoscope says, “You enjoy spending time with others and establishing strong emotional connections.” Well, duh. Doesn’t everyone? Also, I’m sure there’s a horoscope out there in the world that says those exact words. Likewise, your personality description for the MBTI employs this sense of vagueness in a strikingly similar manner. You tend to see exactly what you want to see. If you score as an introvert, you’ll get something like this: “You’re reserved, soft-spoken, but crave emotional bonding and intellectual activity.” Again, very vague and applies to countless people. I scored as an INFJ, but still spent time looking around at other types and realizing that they described my character just as throughly and effectively. As a society, we acknowledge these flaws, but still proceed to read into them because they give us a sense of identity and belonging. I suppose any creation in the field of science comes with its flaws and criticisms. Despite these flaws, however, the MBTI still continues to amaze me. It’s immensely fun to talk about with people, and it isn’t that far off either!]]>

What Your Signal Says In regards to the Guys You Fall For

At first glance, it seems like most of my exes had nothing in common. One guy dressed like a 1930s barber, one guy was a surgeon, and one guy was named Paul, and he sucked. See? So little in common! But there has to be some common thread that attracts us to the guys we date, right? Or is it all just random?

To help figure it out, I talked to’s resident astrologer Aurora Tower to get the real deal on how much your sign influences the guys you fall for.

Aries: You usually find yourself coupled up with caring and charming guys (partly because you’re pretty caring and charming yourself). Unfortunately, sometimes they want more of your time and energy than you are willing to give. Feel free to tell those guys to back up and defend your need for space. Or just block them on your phone. Either way.

Taurus: Passionate and purposeful guys catch your eye since you really admire men with a strong point of view. On the other hand, you’re basically known for sticking to your own point of view until death, so god help them if they’re as stubborn as you are. They’ll probably have to move to another state.

Gemini: You’re basically a human thrill ride, so you love charismatic and adventurous guys. If a guy has a knack for taking risks and coming out on top (aka Chris Hemsworth in pretty much any movie ever) you’re smitten. Even if they’re on the tame side, they still need to be able to keep up with your quick mind and thirst for variety. Otherwise, you will move on faster than anyone.

Cancer: Because your emotions run so deeply, you tend to prefer charismatic guys who provide you with some degree of emotional stability. And because you’re way more likely to want a night at home than a night at the bar, you’re the sign most likely to fall in love with a coworker. You see them all the time, you trust them, and you know they’ll always be there. Honestly, if you could marry Jim from The Office, you would, but he isn’t a real person, so you can’t.

Leo: You love intelligent and creative types who inspire you (and others) with their uniqueness, gusto, and determination. You’re a born leader and definitely a show-off, so naturally your ideal “hookup bar” is a red carpet. Also, people seriously need to stop judging you for going to those events uninvited.

Virgo: You tend to go for artistic or emotional types who soak up your supportive and nurturing qualities. This can sometimes backfire if you end up with some jerk who loves how much you do for him and doesn’t give a lot in return. If that happens, it’s totally OK to leave him and find someone who can shower you with attention and candy and compliments because you deserve it all.

Libra: Energy, confidence, and a pioneering spirit are major turn-ons for you. That said, your energetic spirit can exhaust you, so you really appreciate guys who are brave and persistent enough to pursue you. Mostly because if you have to pursue one more guy who is probably an idiot, you’re going to fall asleep in the middle of the street.

Scorpio: You like nurturing, practical, and patient partners who will be by your side for the long haul and dote on you when you need it. You’re a very giving sign, but let’s face it — you also need a lot from your partner. Once you have someone who knows how to weather your kiiiind of erratic moods from moment to moment, you’re in for good.

Sagittarius: You love intelligent and open-minded partners who are willing to be there with you on every adventure you go on. And since you’re kind of a human version of spring break, partners who have a lot of stamina and fearlessness will win your heart.

Capricorn: Since you’re almost always working, you love sensitive, loyal, and affectionate guys who make you feel nurtured and supported. Your schedule literally has no time for guys who aren’t sure if they’re into you or not. You’re too busy being pleasantly curled up in a pile of soft blankets and cozy socks eating cheese.

Aquarius: Your dreamy, ever-changing nature is drawn to guys who are artistic, courageous, and know exactly who they are (aka Chris Evans makes you lose your mind). There’s just something about a guy who has an original point of view and won’t compromise it for anyone that makes you feel safe and super excited.

Pisces: You love consistent, helpful, and knowledgable guys who bring structure and support into your dreamy, chaos-filled world. And in return, those guys will get one of the most romantic partners they’ve ever had. Seriously, every day with you is like living inside The Notebook, but less sad.


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